The Finalé

The wedding week is here… I feel a mixture of nerves & excitement! Every night when I go to bed and ‘try’ to wind down… my mind starts on playing the day through my head and just imagining myself actually getting married!

Tomorrow  night we start our wedding journey by traveling down to Scott’s parents to drop off our baby dogs ready to set off for London on Thursday morning.  I’m glad we’ve decided to have a few things planned over the next few days so that it feels like the warm up and celebrations last longer than just one day!

Thursday afternoon I have booked into see our florist Jamie Aston to go over the fine details of our flowers.  It has been that long since we booked them it’d be nice to remember what I wanted! Then in the evening we have planned to have dinner and cocktails with a couple of our friends in London to warm up the wedding weekender.  My plan is to have a few drinks this night as I don’t want to drink the night before and I highly doubt I’ll drink much on my wedding day!

Jamie Aston Flowers


Friday afternoon we have our rehearsal at St Paul’s followed by dinner in the evening with our parents, bridesmaids & ushers. I thought it’d be nice for everyone to have an early dinner and meet each other before the wedding.  Plus it’s another excuse for me to wear a lovely evening dress!



The boys and girls will then go their separate ways ready for the BIG day on Saturday!!!


We decided to book another night’s stay in London on Sunday evening (just us two) so that we could enjoy time together and a night in the bridal suite.  The thought of packing up and driving home the day after the wedding just wasn’t something I’d want to do. It’ll be nice to have a meal somewhere special as husband and wife and just spend that quality time together opening our cards and gifts.


EntranceDome Suite 3

So this is it… it’s finally here.  All my wedding prep has been done.  The bridesmaids dresses look perfect, they have helped me print off Love Poems for the dinner tables, the table plan looks perfect & my photo tree has been prepped by Brides Little Helper!

All our final details and schedules have been perfected by our wedding planner Helen so now it is just to see if everything will fit in the car!

Wedding weekender here we come…!!!





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