Say Yes To The Dress… Again!

So since my last dress post, and since opening the boutique, I will admit that I have taken a decision not to wear the dress I originally chose…

An opportunity of dreams came my way when I went to view the new Dando London collection for the boutique last September.  Whilst choosing these exquisite dresses to take pride of place in the boutique, myself and Christine Dando started chatting about the wedding.

If you aren’t aware, Christine Dando is the designer for Dando London, stocked in her own store Confetti and Lace in Lakeside which is shown on the popular TV show Say Yes To The Dress UK featuring herself and David Emmanuel.


Whilst we were talking about the wedding, Christine was currently filming series 2 and she had a light bulb moment that it would be amazing to feature me on the show… and find my dream dress!  I explained to Christine that I already had purchased a wedding dress however I was keen to see what the show entailed that involved Christine’s expertise on what her thoughts were for me as a bride.

Straight away, Christine spoke to the Executive Producer of the show to see what we could do to add me into the show! And it all went from there…! We have already completed part 1 of the filming and tomorrow we’re on our way down for part 2… I can’t quite reveal yet what is to come… but hopefully you’ll find out very soon!


As the wedding is fast approaching, it’s now starting to dawn on me that this is very real and actually happening! The opportunities that the boutique has given me has been so surreal and utterly amazing.

Starting a career in something I truly love has been the best decision I ever made and now its offering me a chance to be on TV and have one on one expertise on ‘the one’…

Watch this space!



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